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Active Portfolio

Frontier​ Apartment Homes

Roanoke, VA

Acquired: December 29, 2020

YOC: 1971

194 Units

Purchase Price: $18,350,000

Note: The Purchase Price and Unit count includes the August 2021 acquisition of White Hall Apartments, a 12-unit apartment community adjacent to Frontier Apartments.

02 - Outside view.png

Sterlingwood Apartments

Roanoke, VA

Acquired: March 31, 2022

YOC: 1973

162 Units

Purchase Price: $15,900,000


Sunchase Apartments

Farmville, VA

Acquired: July 29, 2022

YOC: 2002 - 2003

140 Units

Purchase Price: $21,675,000


Countryside Estates

Roanoke, VA

Acquired: November 10, 2022

YOC: 1971

108 Units

Purchase Price: $10,630,000

Note: DSP coordinated the acquisition on behalf of its TIC owners and retains the asset management responsibilities. 

Sold Portfolio

SOLD - Colonial Court.png

Colonial Court Apartments

Colonial Court, VA

Acquired: July 6, 2020

YOC: 1945

64 Units

Purchase Price: $3,200,000

Sold: September 14, 2022

Sales Price: $5,150,000

After 2 years of ownership, DSP was able to reposition and improve this community, adding value for its residents and investors. Our investment in Colonial Court earned our equity investors a 2.89x multiple and an impressive 66% internal rate of return.

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