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Our Strategy

Entrepreneurial Spirit  + Real Estate Experience + Financial Knowledge

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Successful commercial real estate investing requires more than just a few good leads and cash.  Each transaction needs extensive underwriting, market knowledge and transaction expertise so the property is purchased right on the front end, managed effectively during our ownership and value maximized upon exit. 

Real Estate Experience

Our primary objective is to identify and acquire value-add multi-family assets.  We call this our Next Level Investment Strategy.  We specifically identify properties where the properties have not had a meaningful renovation within the past 10 years and the current owner/operator does not either have the capital to see through a renovation or does not wish to take on the risks of a major capital improvement.   By transitioning the property to the “next level”, we are able to create a better living environment for the community, enhance the value of the real estate facilities and create opportunity to grow the monthly rental incomes. 

Financial Knowledge

We look for opportunities to create operational efficiencies, whether it’s the implementation of a utility ratio billing system, enhancing property management activities or aligning vendors with our goals so that we can minimize any downtime with any units.  We require our property managers to keep current on market rent adjustments so we stay competitive while moving towards leading among neighboring properties as a high occupancy property.   We take advantage of any tax strategies that may enhance our ownership returns, including accelerated depreciation, 1031 exchange investments to protect against capital gains taxes and CPA oversight of financial management and investor reports. 

Strategic Partners

To be successful in the multifamily business, you must have a network of professionals to support your business goals, from initial identification of a new property through acquisition, management and disposition. We are fortunate to have many strategic partners that have helped DSP Real Estate Capital create value for our investors and residents, including:

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